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They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

Lest we Forget

The Airborne Prayer

May the defence of the most high be above and beneath, around and within us, in our going out and our coming in, in our rising up and in our going down, all our days and all our nights, until the dawn when the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings for the peoples of the world. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Group News: 7 Para RHA supported 5 Airborne Brigade living history group at 2 main events for the group during 2008. The first being Trucks & Troops at The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in the New Forest The 105mm Light gun and Pinz contributed towards the display stand which in turn won the group 'Best in Class' in the Living History Diorama class, presented by Lord Montague. We thank the team that attend and made the trip from Colchester. The second main event being the War & Peace show. The efforts of the Lads has been much appreciated and look forward to other future events in the years to come.


Latest Trophy May 25th 2008

What's this all about then?: Firstly, ask yourself what your doing this far into our website? Secondly, are you ex-airborne forces yourself? Thirdly, are you intrigued? Fourthly, Have you a general interest in the Airborne Forces? Last but not least, why not help us out?

What are we all about then?: Firstly, We all have a common interest, showing a part of recent Airborne history in the changing face of the current Armed Forces. Secondly, We enjoy getting together to share our interest and experiences within the Airborne Forces to the unsuspecting public. Between us we have a wide collection of Military / Airborne equipment from parachute's to inert pyrotechnics. This along with vehicles and weapons to display to the general public, you find it's either those that are reminiscing, showing the kids what they used to do or it's those that wanted to do it but never quite got there or just a plain anorac. Thirdly, Their are plenty of re-enactment / living history groups which displaying everything through time except recent history. Fourthly, We have the capability and equipment to put on a display that usually outdoes the local TA hat Unit and equals and is more diverse than an Army recruitment stand, not that that is our aim, but fact. We don't pretend to be something that we're not, if you've got a question about our motives and capabilities, come on down and talk to us, alternatively, email us through the site's address below. We have official collection tins for the Airborne Forces Security Fund which is a registered charity. Last but not least, if you've read this far we want you on board. The following is what we have set as our objective.

To promote through physical presence and displays the equipment and role that 5 Airborne Brigade had in the 1980's and 1990's.

5 Airborne Brigade is looking for sponsorship for it's activities and events, if you wish to sponsor our website and or our vehicles please contact us.

One of our Lightweight Recce Landrovers has twice won the Fighting Landrover Trophy 2004 & 2006 at the World's Largest Military Spectacular, The War & Peace show. Lightweight

IN THE BEGINNING:- The Formation of Airborne Forces

Sir Winston Churchill

"We ought to have a corp of at least 5000 parachute troops, I hear that something is being done to form such a corp, but only, I believe, on a small scale. Advantage must be taken of the summer to train these forces who can none the less play their part meanwhile as shock troops in home defence.Pray let me have a note on this subject from the war office."

Minute from Prime Minister to Chiefs of staff, 22nd June 1940.


MOVING ON:- Experience the Airborne Soldier

Field Marshall Montgomery

"They have jumped from the air and conquered fear. They are proud of their honour and never failed in any task, they are in fact men apart, Every Man an Emperor"

"Whenever the maroon beret is seen on the battlefield, it at once inspires confidence, for its wearers are known to be good men and true"

For more indepth information on the Airborne Forces follow this link.

Here & Now:- Our Group

We have a core group of Ex-Airborne Forces who have built up a substantial array of vehicles and equipment to display at a number of events throughout the calendar year. Our vehicle equipment ranges from a Harley Davidson despatch motorcycle to a Bedford 4 tonner. Our weapons display's have SA80's, GPMG's & 66's. We have packed parachute's and containers ready to try out on the kids & adults that visit our stand. We are not a recruitment stand and don't pretend to be, just keeping the Airborne spirit alive. When do the public really get to ask the question or put on the chute and get a feel for what it's like? take a look at our equipment page for pictures of our equipment.

5 Airborne Brigade (LHG) have a variety of detachments and elements to it's make up. We have global contacts in the USA and Europe and units of the LHG around the UK. This is a true representation of what the Brigade make up was like during it's time and is the basis of all elements of most if not all Army's.

Bits & Pieces:-

We have listed a large number of books relating to the Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces for you to browse and have links directly to

Petition news:Military-madness - epetition reply dated: 15 February 2008
We'the Government' received a petition asking:
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Reverse The Decision That Members of the Parachute Regiment will not receive parachute training."
Details of Petition:
"No new recruits or even serving members of the Parachute Regiment or airborne forces will be trained in military parachuting from next year until 2011. It will then take a year to get the Army's 2,500 paratroopers up to scratch. The cost-cutting programme is being launched after defence chiefs warned that spiralling costs of complex equipment and the demands of military operations would create a financial "black hole" in the MoD of £868 million by the end of the next year... Tell me it's not true."

The Government's response:
The Government remains firmly committed to maintaining the Armed Forces airborne parachute capability.
Reports that parachute training has been suspended or halted are incorrect. Such reports may have been made because of misinterpretation made of a savings measure that was taken in April 2007 that decided to suspend collective parachute training at Battle Group level for the next two years.
While it is true that Battalion strength parachute training has been suspended until March 2009, all individual parachute training, which includes all initial parachute training conducted at Number 1 Parachute Training School, is continuing. Individual training and collective training up to company level strength is also continuing unabated.